Chili’s is embracing mobile bar codes by placing them on 800 corporate-owned restaurant menus to advertise new products.  The bar codes link to seven new healthy menu items, where they are taken to a website which lists the nutritional information as well as more detail about the dishes.

They are also testing mobile bar codes on kid’s menus, where they will serve the same purpose, educating parents on the nutritional information of the meals.  These codes are part of a larger campaign, Kids LiveWell, which includes a partnership with the National Restaurant Association.

Chili’s has had some success in the mobile bar code department.  Most recently, the company ran a campaign that asked users to scan bar codes to donate.  The campaign generated 291,000 scans (see story).  Additionally, the company already has iPhone and Android apps in the marketplace that allow customers to place food orders from their phone.

This will be a very interesting test.  If consumers respond to these bar codes, it might open up the doors for other restaurants to start listing their nutritional items on websites, instead of paper take aways.  For more information, check out the full article at:

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