Microsoft is officially announcing the launch of Bing, its new search engine brand.  The site is set to go live on June 3rd and was built as a “decisive engine” which saves users from sifting through thousands of links.

Microsoft believes that Bing will be very competitive with Google because of it’s immediate narrowing down of search results.  Bing promises to automatically group search results into various categories, depending on the type of searches that users are conducting.  Bing’s layout is simple, a white search box at the top of the page, but results will then be broken into different topics, like shopping, travel and health.

The site does have some similarities to Google.  It will provide users with suggested search results and allow for simple task-oriented searches, i.e. traffic, flight status, etc.

Microsoft is planning on spending approximately $100 million on marketing Bing.  The question is, are people that dissatisfied with Google’s lists of irrelevant results, that they would consider a change in search engine?  What do you think, will you try Bing out?

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