Disney is giving its corporate icon a makeover.  Mickey has been kept as the squeky clean character everyone loves for what seems like forever.  Disney corporate was fearful that even the tiniest change in the brand would disrupt his $5 billion plus in annual merchandise sales.  But now is the time and Mickey getting a makeover.

Mickey is being re-imagined for the future and is  going to become more edgy in the likes of films and video games.  In the new video game Epic Mickey, which is due out next fall, Mickey will transform into a cunning, yet heroic trickster.  Disney’s hope is that this re-imaging is needed to entice the younger generations.

In fact, in a separate but even larger effort, Disney is going even further by rethinking the character’s personality.  From the way Mickey talks and walks to the way he appears on the Disney Channel and the web, even what his house looks like at Disney World, everything is getting a makeover.

For all the details of this huge image overhaul, including the potential backlash, go to: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/05/business/media/05mickey.html?_r=1


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