With all the technology we have available to us now, it should be a no brainer for direct mail advertisers to save some money by targeting people who are actually interested in their product.  In a new Forrester study, it was found that only 10% of consumers feel the direct mail they receive is relevant, while only 7% feel that the email marketing information they receive is relevant.  Consumers overwhelmingly believe (62%) that they get too much direct mail, while 66% believe they get too many emails.

These numbers show that people don’t mind direct mail or emails, when it is something they are actually interested in.  There seems to be a disconnect between what direct marketing companies say they do, in terms of targeted marketing, and what is actually being sent out to the masses.  It is proven that retailers have access (or could develop access) to data that is transactional, behavioral, demographic and attitudinal to customize communications.  But due to how expensive and time-consuming sorting out all this data can be, many retailers are choosing to ignore it.

AdAge has put together a list of 10 tips on how to maximize your retail database, which should help in cutting down time and costs in taking on a large database project.

  1. Understand the data you have
  2. Take responsibility by assigning someone to take charge of data-driven marketing
  3. Remember that not all customers are created equal
  4. Determine customer value by determining how recently, frequently and how much a customer spends with you
  5. Consider starting from scratch
  6. Collect and use customer preferences
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Personalize communications
  9. Pare down
  10. Connect the insights

It is so important right now for companies to begin looking at their marketing costs against their bottom line, you could save your company a lot of money if you aren’t wasting paper and time on consumers that take your direct mail piece and immediately dispose of it in the trash.

For more information on the 10 suggestions above, go to: http://adage.com/article?article_id=139151

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