According to new research presented by IPG’s Universal McCann and AOL, one out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile devices.  This statistic shouldn’t be that shocking, especially now that it seems like a majority of the average consumer (no longer just the bigwigs) have PDAs, iPhones, Blackberries, etc.

Currently there are 63 million mobile web users in the US, 19 million who access the internet on a weekly basis.  Research found that mobile usage is expected to grow by 60% over the next two years.

Here are some of the highlights from the study:

  • 80% of smart-phone users are statisfied with the quality of the internet on their mobile devices
  • 95% use mobile media to fill downtime
  • 82% use mobile media at work
  • 81% use mobile media while shopping
  • 80% use mobile media at home
  • 65% use mobile media while commuting to their jobs

Marketers really need to start putting some thought as to how to communicate with their audience via phone or else they will be missing out on a big chance to connect with a very mobile consumer.  This study shows that there is not one place or reason that people are utilizing the web on their phone.  People are surfing the net throughout the day and it is an untapped resource for marketers.

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