Diet Coke, Burger King and adidas are just a few companies that are warming up to real-time Web content.  The shift away from asynchronous communication and content delivery towards instant feedback and interaction is making news or stories that are hours’ old seem stale.

Ed Norton was interviewed as part of a Diet Coke promotion that was beamed live to Time Square billboards, as well as the Diet Coke website and banner placements on E! Online, Cosmo and Hello.  Burger King promoted a live web program featuring Nascar and BK endorser Tony Stewart proving his love of the Whopper by taking a live lie detector test.  Nike also got into the real-time marketing game with its Nike Football Facebook fan page promotion featuring Arsenal soccer star Cesc Fabregas who took over the page for an hour, answering questions, posting photos from practice and games as well as status updates.

Real-time marketing is often very cheap.  When executives or celebrities take over Facebook or Twitter pages to talk to their fans and clients, most of the cost is just their time.  That is not to say that all companies should fully commit to real-time marketing as it is still a niche market, but companies who have successful social networking pages can start there and gauge the consumer response and act accordingly.

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