As traffic in malls goes back up, it might be time for marketers to begin looking at malls as an advertising medium, especially if you are targeting teens.  A new study from Scarborough Research and Arbitron found that 62% of teens are going to the mall more or about as often as they did six months ago, though they have less money to spend.  It is a fun place to hang around and it doesn’t cost them anything to visit.

A broad spectrum of companies have started to dip into mall advertising because it is relatively inexpensive and you can reach a mass audience.  With the recession hitting everyone hard, malls have also let advertisers get creative.  Whether a company chooses to use a vacant store front, or they want to wrap the escalators or elevators, malls are much more open to ideas because they need the revenue.

This article also suggests that Cellphones, Movie Theaters and Video Games are all other highly effective avenues for reaching teens.

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