Wingsplay is a new company that incentivizes people to share marketers ads with their social networks.  In exchange for individuals sharing these ads and creating more buzz and driving sales and engagement for products and brands, Wingsplay will pay the user.  Wingsplay’s creator knows how heavily people rely on their friends, family and social networks for recommendations, so he believes that Wingsplay’s distribution model is the perfect way for brands to increase their reach, while providing a kick-back to regular individuals.  Wingsplay believes that they are not “spamming” social media, but creating a platform to drive more conversations.

Users are allowed to post four videos per week and will earn money per view.  But, Wingsplay doesn’t provide enough financial incentive to just share any video (and risk annoying your friends/followers, etc.).  For example, if users shared Major League Soccer’s promotion video for their April 14th game, they received 21 cents per view.

The site is still in beta and has done most of its testing with television show trailers (from NBC and Oxygen).  Through these beta tests the site has learned that the best use of this distribution model and technology may be for funny, gripping or out there advertisements, since those seem to get shared the most, create the largest buzz and provide the brands with the most engagement.

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We want to know what our readers think. Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Invasion of your social network?

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