There’s a new app that’s making it fun to go to lunch, even if you don’t have anyone to go with.  GrubWithUs already has 30,000 people that have signed up to dine with strangers.  This website (and now app) hosts dining experiences in seven cities (including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC), with a theme and negotiated fixed menu.  Anyone is able to attend and people can sign up and pay through the GrubWithUs website or app, so there is no awkwardness when it comes time to pay the check.

The addition of the GrubWithUs mobile site makes the experience more well rounded for the guest.  Users can pull their reservation up on the can and also chat with fellow diners, a function that is available but somewhat hidden on the website.  The app also keeps track of favorite diners’ meal plans, which means users can star other’s profiles and when they sign up for an experience, the other users will get an alert.

Check out the website here: or download the app here: Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

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