My 3-year old has a definite lust for life and lately has been throwing around the words ‘let’s do it’ anytime he hears something that sounds good to him. A mere suggestion from me, prompts an immediate and loud ‘Let’s Do It, mama!!’ Because I hear this so often, I find myself taking on this attitude and thinking, why not. I actually respond (in my head most of the time) this way to many, many things I hear throughout the day and so, one of my new mottos is…Let’s do it!

I bring this up because it’s important to what we do as an agency. The industry to which most of our clients belong is going through an unhappy time right now and those clients are becoming more and more fearful of trying new things. Budgets and staffing are being reduced, sales and traffic have slowed and fear is taking hold. If we, as marketing people, don’t believe in the solutions that we’re pitching because we’re scared to try something new, then we can forget about a future in this industry. So, my stance is ‘let’s do it.’ It’s time to take some risks, be innovative and create change.

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