Well, it has been quite a week in techy land.  First, Google announced that it would be launching an operating system to rival Windows.  Google’s new operating systems will start with Android, an open-source OS for small devices like smartphones, and Chrome OS, a browser-focused, open-source, OS that will run on notebooks and desktops.

Then Microsoft announced that Office 10 will be launching and will include free, online versions of its four most popular software programs.  All of these new announcements come shortly after Microsoft’s launch of Bing, the search engine which is trying to steal some of Google’s thunder.

Google and Microsoft both want to be the King of Technology.  This healthy competition, although quite expensive for the two companies, is really good for the Internet public.  People love technology and we love to get information and new products/updates quickly.  If these two companies continue at this pace, we can only imagine what kinds of great innovations we might see in the not to distant future.

For the full article, which includes the advertising campaigns and monies spent on these ideas and marketing ventures, go to: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/07/google-vs-microsoft-what-you-need-to-know/

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