Purity.Organic is proving that you don’t need a large marketing budget to effectively market your brand.  The organic juice maker went guerilla with their $10,000 marketing budget and decided that in order to garner maximum attention they were going to New York City.

Purity.Organic’s agency placed giant cardboard straws in garbage bins around NYC, which touted the health benefits of its drinks.  The 200 giant cardboard bendable straws were planted in 25 high traffic locations.

The campaign was a success for the company.  The Purity.Organic website traffic grew significantly and consumers have been circulating pictures of themselves online with the giant straws.  Some people even stole the straws, instead of getting upset the company saw those straws as running billboards.

One additional component to the Purity.Organic campaign was an online video called “Those Motherf@#!ers.”  The video features a businessman shouting bleeped out profanities during a phone call, but once he takes a break to sip his Purity.Organic juice he instantly calms down and stops the cussing.

This is another example of great marketing innovation.  $10,000 isn’t a lot of money to get your product noticed, but if you are smart and you maximize your money without spending it all on one newspaper ad, you can not only have fun, but create a lot of buzz for your brand.

For more information about this launch, go to: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/content_display/news-and-features/direct/e3ia2224c3f78e5a3ceba0e529d3c631fb4

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