Aardvark is a new website that allows users to ask questions through Google Chat, Google Talk, AIM and AIM.com, iChat, MSN Messenger, Windows Live, Hotmail, Twitter and Yahoo! Messenger to get the perfect answer.  Once you type in the question to Vark.com, Aardvark then analyzes the question, determining its nature and then searches through all the people in your network(s) who are available over IM or email to find the right person to answer your question.  Aardvark considers the following factors in getting your question answered before it provides you with the answer:

  • related topics in peoples’ profiles
  • how you’re connected to people on Facebook
  • who you trust about related topics
  • your history of training Aardvark
  • people who share your favorites (for taste-related questions)
  • people in the right location (for location-related questions)
  • other mysterious factors…

This new website is so useful and so fun that it made Time’s 50 Best Websites 2009 List.

Aardvark is unique because it helps people get answers that Google can’t necessarily provide because it uses a user’s social network to connect people with questions to people with the most useful answers.

Have any of our Rox readers used this service? If so we want to hear your thoughts!

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