Tami is an account executive on several builder and master planned community accounts.

Tami in a Soundbite: A seasoned marketing and advertising professional, Tami has an uncommon knack for recognizing the brilliant idea and giving creatives the freedom to do their best work. Brings a beautiful, calm energy to all endeavors, putting people at ease and fostering an authentic team spirit.

Experience/Education: 25 years in marketing, sales and operations for master planned communities, builders and real estate companies; 8 years as director of marketing for Talega, a 3,500 acre/3,650 home master planned community in San Clemente, receiving the 2008 MAME Award for Marketing Director of the Year; B.A. Communications Studies/Public Relations, California State University, Chico; Dean’s List; graduated Magna Cum Laude.


What is your favorite color?


-Bing cherry.


Since we know you love mac & cheese, what’s your second favorite food? 


-Medium Rare New York Steak and Caribbean Lobster.


What’s your favorite time of day? 


-Early morning.


Were is your favorite place in the world? 


-The mountains. anywhere.


Scrambled, sunny side up or over easy? 


-Scrambled … runny yokes freak me out!


Favorite perfume? 


-Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills … I don’t wear it, but my Mom has for years. The smell of it feels like a warm hug from my Mom.


What was the best thing about your job as Marketing Director at Talega?


 -Getting to collaborate with people at all levels of the development process: Dirt (land planning & subcontractors); Money (Wall Street Suits/Equity Partners); Sticks (Builders); Glue (Community); Frosting (Designers); Story (Marketing); Core (Sales); Heart (buying public/homeowners).


Tell us about the most amazing home you’ve every seen. 


-Marin County home in the Redwoods – Glass floors throughout the main house built over a babbling creek.


Pearls or Diamonds? 


-Hmmm … will I be demoted at Roxburgh by admitting that I’m not really into jewelry?


So far, what has been the high point of your career?


-You mean other than the last year with Roxburgh? (Heh, have to make up for the previous answer somehow!)


You are from Chico, CA and you went to college there. Why the OC? 


-Marriage and career. I truly envisioned my first job out of college involving a chauffeured helicopter transport from the OC to a L.A. high-rise rooftop.


What makes patient, calm Tami crazy? 




Who is your favorite author? 


-Jane Austen


What kind of music do you enjoy most? 


-Gospel Hymns and Country

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