Google’s newest invention, Google Voice was announced in March, but it is finally giving out the coveted Google Voice phone numbers to those who requested a number.   Google Voice attempts to remake how we think of the phone. It lets you use one new phone number to tie together your various numbers: cellphone, home phone, business line, etc.  Friends call your Google number, all the other phones ring and you choose which one to answer.  Voice mail flows to all of the phones, along with a free transcription by Google.

Google Voice is so in demand that people are auctioning off their Google Voice phone numbers for as much as $100 on eBay.  Registrations are still be accepted at, although it may take a couple of weeks to approve your Google Voice invitation.

Google is also launching Google Voice apps for BlackBerry and Google Android phones, iPhone apps aren’t available yet but Google is working on it.

To find out more about this amazing new Google product, go to:

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