In anticipation of Apple’s big announcement regarding “learning” taking place tomorrow (January 19th) at the Guggenheim, several products are making themselves known and hoping their programs are enhanced with whatever Apple presents or if they will become Apple’s competitors.

Kno is an iPad textbook which will release two new features this week: Kno Me and Kno Flashcards.  Kno Me is an interactive graphical dashboard that helps you understand your learning habits by detailing how much time you spent in a book, understanding the key terms as well as test grades.  Kno Flashcards are automatically drawn from a book and randomly compiled into flashcards.  The program’s software then uses metacognition, spaced repetition and episodic memory to help you learn.

Additionally, BioBook, is making headlines for its interactive learning approach.  BioBook is an interactive tool for tablets that allows professors to monitor their students progress.  Professors can see how far each student is in relation to others in the class as well as what page each student is currently at in the book.  This tool was developed in hopes that it can spark some interest in biology with the non-biology majors.  Since biology is a subject that is not linear, it is a tough concept for people to understand, this tool aims to assist those early in their college careers to understand the subject and perhaps not write it off entirely because it is a bit tough.  It is also a great tool for students with learning disabilities.  For more information, go to:

Stay tuned for the BIG Apple announcement tomorrow!

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