When you are a global giant like Coke, you have the budget to go big with not only your traditional media campaigns but also social campaigns.  Coca-Cola’s newest social media campaign is going to force global markets, who haven’t dabbled or been involved with digital media, to jump in head first.  The campaign, Expedition 206, was an internal collaboration between the communications, public relations and marketing teams at the company.  Expedition 206 will send 3 20-somethings into 206 countries and territories where Coke is going to be sold in 2010.  Starting on Jan. 1st, these 3 will take their laptops, video cameras, smartphones and plenty of other gadgetry, in order to document their adventure and search for their happiness, and will be dubbed “happiness ambassadors”.

There is a website set up for viewers to track their journey, www.Expedition206.com, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube pages.  These pages will not only allow viewers to see what is going on, but it will also allow viewers to weigh in and suggest things the trio should do at each destination.  Coke will be able to see the success and value of the campaign by how many Facebook and Twitter followers the campaign gains, as well as how many pages views Expedition206.com gets.

By forcing some of the smaller countries and territories to participate in this social event, Coke will be able to use the “happiness ambassadors” idea to tie together and  promote their global sports sponsorships, including “the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and even customer-focused events, like the 20th anniversary of McDonald’s in Russia.”

For more information about the logistics of the campaign, go to: http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=140591


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