While intuitive, rather than quantifiable, it’s my humble opinion that innovation, creativity and new and emotionally compelling home concepts create real desire among consumers.

Think about it. Back in the mid ’90s it was Brookfield’s innovation that really got things moving again after nearly a decade of homogenous homes in varying shades of “pink.”

Mahogany in Irvine offered the consumer something revolutionary —choice. Choice in architectural design, materials, room configurations, specifications, personalization and more.

Yes, our business is affected by economic upheaval, whether it’s interest rates, a sub-prime meltdown or unemployment. But, my gut says there’s more to it than just numbers. Build it better, and they will come.

Innovation communicates boldly to the consumer. It creates desire.

Perhaps it’s time to demonstrate some new, exciting and really ground breaking ideas to our customers.

Just a thought. What’s yours?

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