The iCache Geode was announced in April and interested parties have been patiently waiting for this product to actually become available.  The iCache Geode “is an iPhone case with a particularly wonderful twist — in addition to just wrapping a protective layer of plastic around your phone, it also sports a rewritable magstripe card on its rear end.”  Once users install the corresponding app, they can store their credit card information and turn this case into a GeoCard.  Additionally, there is a small e-ink display on the back of the Geode which stores information for your loyalty cards.  In order to make sure your credit card information is secure, there is a small fingerprint reader that only allows access to you.

With rumors of the new, slimmer, redesigned iPhones on the way, users will want to make sure that they are sticking with their iPhone 4/4s for a while longer before making the $199 investment. Will you go out and buy one?

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