Technology giant, IBM, is joining the social marketing game with their new targeted campaign.  The campaign is aimed at a few hundred thousand potential customers and is meant to build awareness and sales among software developers.

Mr. Fong, the character who IBM created, is a software developer who is lost in space and uses new IBM resources to reconnect with his team.  The campaign utilizes YouTube, video email messages, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to follow Mr. Fong’s efforts to get home.  Currently, the campaign is focusing on facilitating Mr. Fong’s return by utilizing IBM’s Rational Quality Manager project.  Visitors are asked to take “Mr. Fong’s Space Quiz,” which makes users choose the character that has the correct answer.  This character includes a plug for the IBM product.

Video email has been the most successful addition to this campaign.  Over the past 11 weeks, Ogilvy, IBM’s shop, had a 20% open rate and 3.4% click through rate.

For a more detailed look into IBM’s campaign and Mr. Fong’s adventures, go to: or

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