Hearst Magazines conducted a study in January which polled respondents about their feelings towards advertising.  The results prove that although some people complain about advertising, most people trust it.  Here are some of the study’s findings:

1) 65% of respondents agreed strongly that “Ads help me learn about the latest product features”

2) 52% agreed strongly that “Ads help me learn about the best brands available in a product category”

3) 39% strongly agree that “A company that spends money on advertising is more likely to stand behind their products”

4) 33% strongly agree that “I’d be concerned about buying a big-ticket item from a company that didn’t advertise”

What should you take from this study?  Although sometimes people do not like being “bothered” with advertisements, they really trust it.  If you advertise your product correctly, people will listen and they want to listen.  They want to hear why they should buy your product and what sets it apart from its competitors.

For the full article, go to: http://www.adweek.com/aw/content_display/news/agency/e3iacbc03133413785f77024582a2f47ad7

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