‘Tis that time of year again when companies that can still afford it run their holiday television commercials.

From cereal and coffee to technology and beer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. There are a couple of classics – think Folgers – as well as some newer commercials, and some are just fun. One is not a holiday commercial at all, however you’ll soon get why we included it.

Happy watching. What are your favorite holiday commercials?

Cheerios ‘Grandma’s Visit’
Remember this one?

Holiday Hershey’s Kisses
So simple, but so fun.

Crazy Target Lady
Comedian Maria Bamford nails it as the insane holiday shopper.

Folgers ‘Peter Comes Home for Christmas’

Nabisco Oreo Cookie ‘Waiting for Santa’
Another 80s classic.

Apple ‘Get a Mac’ Happy Holidays
Mac and PC go for some goodwill during the holidays.

Corona Extra ‘Oh Tannenpalm’
Christmas Corona style. Love.

Staples ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’
It’s not a holiday commercial at all, but the play on the popular Andy Williams song in their back-to-school campaign is just too good not to include.

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