2008 has definitely been a roller coaster year.  There was the high and excitement of the Olympics and the Presidential election and the lows of the Wall Street meltdown and global recession.  Advertising and marketing also had a wild ride of a year.  Adweek’s writers have picked a few of their favorite ups and downs from this crazy 2008 year, and detailed them in this article. Some of the stories include: the drama of OfficeMax’s Elf Yourself campaign, and the fact that after two successful years with Toy New York and EVB (193 million visitors) Office Max changed agencies and went with JibJab, who offered to produce the site for free.  Unfortunately for OfficeMax, the JibJab version has been reviewed as “clunky” and hasn’t seen the viral take off of years past.  Also, discussed was the story of Anomaly in New York, who took their $600 advertising budget for the children’s HIV/AIDS charity, Keep A Child Alive, and created a campaign so successful that it won several awards. The Olympics opening ceremony lip-synching debaucle, the Cannes award that was given to a JC Penney spot that never aired, the worst use of corporate jets…ever, the best advertising rejoinders, the Project Runway tug-of-war, the most inflammatory Super Bowl ads, WaMu’s rise and fall, Michael Phelps accomplishments and the marketing machine that has followed and finally the Dr. Pepper/Axl Rose promotion gone wrong, are also all detailed in this Adweek article, found here: http://www.adweek.com/aw/content_display/news/agency/e3if39d7edc6dfc96b5b63aa848b3ba0d2f

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