Google’s Project Glass first made its way onto the scene this past April, when the company announced that they would be bringing the world the first augmented reality glasses.  These glasses will project augmented reality images into the wearer’s field of vision, as well as having the ability to take pictures & video.  A great example of the glasses functionality is that when someone is wearing them, they will be able to see weather forecasts and what’s on their calendar for the day, as well as send texts and emails as projected in front of you.

Mashable got its hands on the first video as taken from these goggles.  Check it out herefilm Split 2017 online streaming

For a great look into what Project Glass offers, including photos & videos taken from the glasses, check out:

Additionally, Project Glass is developing a feature on the glasses that will offer text alerts for hearing impaired users.  Read all about how these glasses are working towards overcoming hearing obstacles:

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