Google’s Chrome Browser- Competing for Market Share and What Effects it will have on Consumers and Advertisers

There are several choices of internet browsers out there these days, but did you know that Internet Explorer has 72.2% penetration, according to Net Applications and that Firefox is second with 19.7%?

Google was doing a lot of testing on different internet browsers and realized they had an opportunity to come out with an updated browser to grab some market share. Google’s has tried to make its browser more simple and streamlined for the user. Also with the the web evolving from simple text pages to interactive applications they realized that there was a need to rethink the current browser. To find out more about the browser click here.

Advertisers might be concerned that sending eblasts will be affected  by the new browser. However, anytime eblasts are sent out, the most  popular browsers are tested and if Google does gain market share, it
can be reasonable assumed that their browser will be able to handle the most widely recognized forms of coding. So, nothing to worry about yet.

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