Google has partnered with web services Lala and MySpace’s iLike to provide users with an easier way to find, sample and buy songs on the Internet.  Users will now be able to sample a song via a pop-up box that will play at least 30 seconds of the song, with some songs played in their entirety, which will then offer links to buy the song.  The MySpace iLike player will also include links to watch the music video and obtain concert details if the artist is or is going on tour.

Google is also partnering with Pandora, iMeem and Rhapsody to incorporate links to help users discover music related to their searches (similar to how Pandora operates).  Users will navigate away from the Google results directly onto the artists’ page on the corresponding service, allowing them to buy songs directly from each site.

Google’s licensing Gracenotes’ lyrics database will also allow users to search songs by their lyrics.  Prior to the service’s launch yesterday (October 28th), searching song lyrics would result in links to other lyrics services, but now the first result in the search will be the song with all the new features, including streaming and purchasing.

Google did not partner directly with any record labels for the Lala and iLike programs.  Google’s YouTube entity is separately partnering with Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Sony Music to create a music video service call Vevo.

The music industry is ecstatic with this move by Google and I think music lovers will be equally thrilled with the new features that the Google music service provides.  For more information, go to:

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