Google is using its genius to combine multiple forms of communication with collaboration, including chat, mail and wikis into one interface.  This new product is called “Wave.”

One of Google Wave ‘s coolest features is that it rolls threaded conversations, real-time chat, nested comments, media sharing, link sharing and wiki-style collaboration into one interface that looks and behaves like an e-mail inbox, complete with folders for keeping things organized and a search box for digging up older threads.  Users can not only participate in the wave, but they can “play back” the wave to see how conversations start and how they develop over time.

The Wave is a web app, built in JavaScript with several HTML 5 elements.  Images can be dragged and dropped into the application if you install “Gears.”  It is more intuitive and time-sensitive than other social networking alternatives.

For a more detailed and comprehensive look at the Google Wave, go to:

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