Well, Google Labs has come through with another extremely innovative product once again.  From the labs that gave us Google Talk, Google News and Google Earth, comes Similar ImagesSimilar Images allows users to search for images using other images instead of descriptive words.  This product will take the work out of trying to figure out the best way to describe the image you are looking for.

This feature still makes the user do some work.  Users will have to use words to describe what type of image they are looking for, but once they find the image that is in the same realm of what they want there will be a link below it with similar images.

TinEye is a search engine with similar capabilities.  But with TinEye, the user uploads an image and then the program matches it to other images that are on the web, including those that have been highly distorted or edited.

A prime example of how Similar Images works, is when a user types in “Paris” photos of Paris the country, images of the Eiffel tower and even snapshots of the socialite Paris Hilton come up.  When users find the “Paris” they are looking for there will be a Similar Images link underneath the image you would like that will refine the results to give you the images you want.

Check out the new Google Labs technology at: http://similar-images.googlelabs.com/

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