Men are from Facebook; Women are from Twitter?  Well, not exactly, but according to a recent eMarketer study, gender, more so than race, ethnicity or economic status, determines how and what we look at online.  More women admitted to using the Internet than men, but once men were online they tended to spend more time there than women.

Understanding the gender roles online is a must for advertisers.  Especially because eMarketer also reported (separately) that U.S. marketers will spend 37.2 billion dollars on online advertising by the year 2013.  If marketers know their target audience, and they understand how to reach them online, this marketing spend won’t seem so outrageous.

“Smart companies use behavioral targeting to try to reach their desired target demo online, but even then, they can’t tell who exactly is behind the IP addresses they are following,” says Lisa Phillips, an eMarketer senior analyst and author of the report “Men Online.”

This article also cautions marketers to stay away from generalizations and stereotypes from the consumer world outside the web because a good portion of the time, these stereotypes don’t apply to online behaviors.

Go to: to read more about the eMarketer study.

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