The Super Bowl has become a showcase for new ad campaigns, and at 3 million per spot you know these spots are what the advertiser feels are their best of the best.  This year though, the ads that scored well with audiences were not necessarily the funniest or the most unique, they were the ones who gave free stuff or had a public service announcement.

For example, first time advertiser, Denny’s, was a hit with the public.  The restaurant offered up a Free Grand Slam Breakfast for everybody who came into the restaurant on Tuesday from 6am – 2pm.  Dennys Super Bowl Commercial 2009

Pedigree’s promotion of dog-adoption also scored high with viewers.  They didn’t show a single pup in the ad and instead they focused on a world without dogs.  It was much more effective because it was positive and upbeat in nature, in lieu of focusing on adoption by showing skinny, poor, starving animals in cages. PEDIGREE® Super Bowl Commercial 2009

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