Ford’s MyKey is a new technology that helps parents control some of their teen drivers’ behavior.  MyKey allows parents to configure one key for their teen, which encourage teen drivers to drive safer and more fuel efficiently, as well as increase seat belt usage.  MyKey will only allow the teen driver to go up to 80mph and the audio system will not go on until the front two passengers are buckled up.  The MyKey also maxes out the stereo’s volume at half of it’s capacity and provides low-fuel warnings earlier than standard cars.  MyKey will become standard on most Ford models, but is now available on Taurus, Focus, Escape SUV and 9 others.

With the staggering statistics about how many teens are involved in car accidents each year, the MyKey program is not just a marketing program, but also a shift in providing people with safer vehicles.  Since MyKey will eventually be on every car, parents who don’t need the technology now, will be able to have it when their child is of driving age.  It will also allow used-car buyers to take advantage of the technology, without having to shell out the big bucks for a new 16th birthday present.

Does the MyKey program make a difference to you as a buyer? Would you be more inclined to buy a Ford when your teen is of age?

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