We need more ideas like this!  A San Francisco-area utility plant is at the forefront of an almost untapped renewable energy resource by taking restaurant’s trashed leftovers and turning them into a source of energy.  The East Bay Municipal Utility District, which provides water and wastewater treatment in the eastern San Francisco Bay area, is taking the food scraps from 2,300 Bay Area restaurants and grocery stores into electricity to help create power for its wastewater facility.  The food scraps are turned into methane gas, which helps power the plant’s electricity-making generations.  Although many have tried this process, few have had minor success but no one has been as successful as the EBMUD.

Currently, the plant processes 100 to 200 tons of food scraps a week, but the goal is to do 100 to 200 tons a day.  The plant believes that by the end of next year, they will create so much power from non-traditional waste that they will be able to sell excess power to the local electricity supplier, Pacific Gas and & Electric.  The Environmental Protection Agency believes that is 50% of the USA’s food waste went through similar processes there would be enough power for 2.5 million homes a year.

For more information on this cutting edge green energy process, go to: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2009-11-09-foodfuel09_ST_N.htm


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