A new study reveals that programs which spur family viewing are better environments for advertisers with family friendly products.  The research done by ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment, suggests that the type of show in which a commercial airs can hinder or help the effectiveness of the advertising.  Advertisers need to be aware that if the tone of their ad, matches the tone of their show, it can boost their effectiveness by an average of more than 30%.

The study also shows that 10.7% of audiences changed their mind about purchasing a product based on the content in which they viewed the advertisement that promoted it.  This tangible data has been used by marketing executives to either support or challenge where their advertisements are going to be placed.  For example, Microsoft recently just pulled out of advertising on The Family Guy because the company did not agree with the tone or message of the show and they didn’t want viewers to align their brand messages with what the show supports.

This extremely interesting article, can be found at:  http://adage.com/mediaworks/article?article_id=140308


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