After Facebook’s User Agreement Policy firestorm last week, Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided that he will let the social network’s members have a say on any proposed changes to the “Facebook Principles” and the “Statement of Rights & Responsibilities.”

These policies were issued to the public on Thursday and will be up for discussion until March 29th.  If there is enough of an argument with a policy, Facebook will put that change up to a vote. The decision will be binding if more than 30% of the 175 million active registered members vote for the change.

This is an unprecedented move for a social network; actually letting the people who use and support the service, have a say.  It is no surprise though, after last week’s policy changes – that were subsequently reversed because of the outrage from Facebook users, that something is being done.  In order for a social network like Facebook to survive, people have to feel like their page is theirs and the content that is uploaded belongs to them and cannot be used without their permission for commercial reasons.

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