Ethnic insights are going mainstream as they increasingly become an integral part of general marketing work.  The days have past where you need a separate multicultural agency to do your ethnic work.  All marketers are now preparing for the shift in the US demographic, which includes a more diverse “general” market.

One of the main reasons for the shift in thinking is generational.  Younger generations are definitely blending faster than their older ethnic counterparts.  State Farm and McDonald’s are two of the big companies that have already started to blend ethnic and traditional advertising to create their new overall message.  Both of these companies understand that the younger generations understand messages from all races and are less likely to prefer specific demographic marketing than the older generations would.  For example, State Farm using LeBron James and his likeness to speak to the younger generation as a whole, not just the African American youth.  McDonald’s knows that 40% of its US business is done with ethnic minorities, with 50% of the business 13 and younger, so they conduct focus groups with all ethnicities present to see what is most appealing, whether it one ethnicity represented or all represented equally.

With the shift from ethnic marketing into a more general “all ethnicity” approach, marketers must be aware enough not to focus or play on stereotypes and risk offending the very people they are trying to reach.  In order to be successful at the new norm in marketing, agencies must find imagery that is appealing to the “white” and “ethnic” markets, without making either one feel as those they are being singled out or left full movie Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List online

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