Hamish Pringle & Peter Field, wrote a book “Brand Immortality,” on how to keep and build profitable brands.  Their primary data came from analyzing 880 case studies from the U.K. and international U.K. Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Effectiveness Awards.

The cases that were analyzed covered two recessions and a couple of mediocre times.  These cases aided the authors in distinguishing between the strategies that work for the good and the bad times.

The data showed that in both good times and bad, emotional, aka “soft sell,” campaigns are twice as likely to generate large profits than the rational, “hard sell,” ones.

Ad agencies have continually debated about the hard vs. soft sell since the sixties.  This AdAge article discusses the hard vs. soft approach to advertising and why the emotional ads are so effective.  Go to: http://adage.com/cmostrategy/article?article_id=134920 to read the full article.

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