Dropbox is a new and simple to use online storage service that allows you to access your files from any Web-connected computer.  Dropbox automatically syncs your files between several PCs and it offers two free gigabytes of storage to all users.

The application can be downloaded from GetDropbox.com.  Once installed, a Dropbox folder will appear where you can save any files you want to sync and share.  Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and there is also a new iPhone app that allows you to access files from your phone, as well as a web interface that lets you pull your files up from any device with Internet access.

Dropbox is great because is makes shifting from PC to PC a seamless experience by allowing you to sync passwords between your devices (KeePass), start BitTorrent downloads on one PC from another one, and even run portable versions of apps, like VLC or Firefox.


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