J.D. Power and Associates study, Early Careerist Tribe Intelligence Report, monitored more than 475,000 online conversations from social media sites to see what brands “early careerists” (ages 22-29) were talking about. The report found that Arby’s was the most talked about quick service restaurant online, followed by  Cold Stone Creamery and Subway.  Arby’s Wednesday Freebies promotion was a big part of their online success, while Subway’s $5 foot-long promotion create buzz for their brand.  Early careerists’ concern about value was the common theme in conversations, which is why promotions like Arby’s and Subway’s worked.  Arby’s was also successful because they put their promotions where this demographic would be exposed to it.  They promoted the Freebies online and also sponsored NCAA brackets Facebook app with CBSsports.com.

According to the report, Anthropologie was the leading brand in conversation among retailers, with Bath & Body Works and Old Navy following.  Anthropolgie is an interesting number 1 because it is quite expensive.  This is actually what was discussed most about the retailer, with comments including how desirable the merchandise was, but unfortunately it was too expensive.  Old Navy (#3), H&M (#7) and Forever 21 (#5) were at the top of the list because their perceived value was high and people wanted and could afford these brand’s clothes.

This report sheds new light on how Generation Y can be perceived moving forward.  Up until this point a lot of people thought Generation Y would not be greatly affected by the recession, but more and more research shows that this demographic has been hit as hard, if not harder than the rest of us.  They are forced to “cycle back” through phases, i.e. moving home, losing their jobs, etc. which has created disillusion and disappointment in this group.

For more information about Early Careerist Tribe Intelligence Report results, go to: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/content_display/news-and-features/retail-restaurants/e3i312723e7a8c7630721855d4ca281ed8c


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