With all of the iPhone 5 hoopla, I couldn’t help but wonder what the big deal is. Yes, it’s Apple. Yes, it’s a new iPhone. Apparently, that is enough to warrant a bazillion news articles and blog posts about Apple’s latest iteration.
Then I came across the latest LEAP Index by New Media Metrix. LEAP stands for Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit, and the firm measures peoples’ attachment to 350 brands across 45 categories. iPhone ranked #1 for 2012, edging out iPod that reigned supreme for the last couple of years. In fact, Apple and its product brands took 4 of the top 10 spots, technology brands 7 of the 10. The study clearly indicates we are becoming increasingly attached to technology, devices and brands that aim to streamline our lives. We like gadgets and we like our iPhones.
By most accounts, iPhone 5 is not revolutionary. It is sleeker, prettier, a tad faster with a larger screen; some argue its style trumps its substance. The brand, however, is strong enough to overcome that, largely in part from its predeccesors, which arguably were quite revolutionary. We could spend days discussing all of the other parts that contribute to the power and mystique of a standout brand, but let’s not go there just yet. I’ve got an iPhone 5 to preorder.


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