The holiday home page image “In the Garden” was selected as the second of a series for to share how we think about design in marketing. We asked one of our art directors, Jean about it.

Where did you find this image?

I took this one last May during the Laguna Beach garden walk. We go on it every year as it’s just so lovely and creative.

This mermaid was tucked into a far corner of a garden. I was wandering on my own when I stumbled across it. It was a surprise floating there…surrounded by flowers. I’m not sure if anyone else on the tour noticed it.

Why did you pick this image for

We picked this one for the holidays as it has a dreamy, wishful quality to it that fits the season beautifully, but it isn’t ‘the usual’.

The unexpected elements in a design can lift an experience to be something really special, delightful and noticeable.   That’s why it fits Roxburgh.  It evokes the emotion and story we want, in way that doesn’t blend in.

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