In Dannon Yogurt’s effort to make a name for itself as a back-to-school staple, they have launched a loyalty program that rewards shoppers based on how much they spend.  The campaign is called “Dannonomics” and allows customers to submit receipts when their totals hit $15, $20 or $40 for purchases made through October 31st.  For each submission, Dannon sends back coupons for additional savings on their products.

The promotion is running across several brands, including Activia, DanActive, Danimals, Light & Fit and Dan-o-nino.  The campaign includes TV, print, online, in-store and package messaging saying “Delicious yogurt in your fridge. Money back in your wallet.”

Personally, I think that this campaign would be more successful if they did a money back promotion instead of a couponing promotion.  Will people really take the time to send all of their receipts in and wait for coupons before returning to the store? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

What would you do? Would this couponing idea make you more apt to buy a Dannon product? Or will you just buy your kids whatever good-for-you yogurt is on sale at the time of your store run?

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