Cooliris is not your typical banner ad.  This new browser plug-in turns banner ad technology into old news.  The plug-in allows users to surf through images and videos with their mouse, instead of having to enlessly click next to browse from photo page to photo page.  The company says that users are installing the plug-in at a rate of 50,000 times a day.  They also claim that this plug-in is changing consumer behavior because people are able to look at 12 times more photos and watch 12 times more videos.

Cooliris does have a version that does not require a browser plug-in and can exist within an ad unit.  The plug-in-less version allows consumers to quickly leaf through thousands of images and videos within the unit, but also allows them to opt into the unit to experience everything full-screen.

Infiniti was the first company to experiment with this type of ad buy on the national stage.  In order to build awareness for the Infiniti G37, the company used their Cooliris ads on CNET, Conde Nast’s and, New York Magazine’s and Yahoo News.  Since the campaign just finished, Cooliris will now have an opportunity to go through the data and see how people interacted with the data.  Nissan actually isn’t interested in the conversions or clicks, they were sold on the guaranteed impressions and on interactions with the ad.

It will definitely be interesting to follow up on this story to see how Nissan felt about the Cooliris ads and wheter they deemed it a success.  In the meantime, I’m going to check this technology out and download the plug-in so I can get the full experience.

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