In this economy, Green consumers are choosing to save cash over spending a little extra on “green items.”  The Shelton Group advertising agency’s study, which pulled from Earthsense data regarding 1,000 US consumers who buy green products, found the following:
– 59% of green consumers say economy is top priority when making purchasing decisions
– 8% consider the environment as their top priority

– 77% of the population occasionally buys green products
– 73% said they bought green because they wanted to reduce bills & control costs
– 26% say they buy to lessen impact on environment

–  72% of respondents found the idea of owning or renting an “energy-efficient home” appealing
– Only 47% felt that about owning/renting a “green home”

The study finds that the range of green consumers allows for marketing approaches to vary.  The key right now is cost & perceived value, so if you are a green product or brand and your cost is higher than your competitors, consumers want to know what else they are getting and how it will save them money in the future.

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