Comedy Central’s new show, “Michael & Michael,” which premieres on July 15th, will be featuring live commercials during six of its seven scheduled episodes.  Sponsors that have already signed with this show include Klondike, Dunkin’ Donuts, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Palm Pre.  Klondike will be featured in the first episode and in conjunction with the live commercials, the brand is also sponsoring a web micro-series featuring the two stars.

The show is a sketch-based comedy and brands really feel that the actors can give the brands the humor needed to connect with audiences.  The actors stated, ” I think we felt like with this show in particular, since we were playing ourselves making a TV show, we could do something where we’re basically doing promotions for advertisers as ourselves and it wouldn’t necessarily pull you out of the show we’re making. We see it as the old-timey ad, the kind you hear on the radio all the time, where we just stand there and talk right to the camera, ‘This is the product, and this is why it’s great.'”

This is a very innovative idea and I think that the brands who have already signed up will see the benefits from going in a direction like this.  What do all of you think? Is this a silly idea? Would your company or brand try it? We want to hear from you!

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