Tumblr is a social network, much like Twitter & Facebook, but instead of Tweets & Posts (respectively) Tumblr features tumblelogs.  A tumblelog is a variation of a blog that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video. Unlike blogs, tumblelogs are frequently used to share the author’s creations, discoveries, or experiences while providing little or no commentary.  Follow The Roxburgh Agency on Tumblr at: http://roxburghagency.tumblr.com

Vimeo is a social network with a focus in uploading videos.  Vimeo supports embedding, sharing, video storage, and allows user-commenting on each video page, much like YouTube.  Although, I find this site much easier to use that YouTube because it has a lot less content to filter through.  The Roxburgh Agency is on Vimeo, follow us here: http://vimeo.com/roxburghagency

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