It’s CES time in Las Vegas, so you know there are going to be some really great and innovative products hitting the marketplace soon!  One of those products is the Cobra Tag G5.  This is a combination of GPS/Bluetooth physical tags and an iPhone app that assists people who find themselves frequently misplacing important items.

Cobra Tags use “smart blue tooth” technology to assist users in finding their precious (and tagged items).  Whether its your keys, wallet, phone or purse, Cobra Tags can help you find your items quickly and easily.  Once you tag your specific items, the Cobra Tag G5 iPhone app will either make a sound to notify you if you’ve left without something, or it will notify you via text or email, should you have trouble hearing your phone.  These notifications include a Google Map view of where your item is.  The tags are the size of a tradition key fob, which may not be comfortable in your pocket, but would easily fit in a purse, backpack or briefcase.

The Cobra Tag G5 will begin shipping in Q2 for $59.95.  Are any of our Rox readers interested? Please let us know if you try this technology, as we would love to share your experiences with our other readers.

For more information, watch the Cobra Tag G5 Video or check out a great article here:

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