Mobile Grocery Coupons – Huge Opportunity

There are plenty of people who are using scanners, QR codes and various apps to price shop at different retailers.  They go to a store, find the price and then the app or website will give them competitors rate all over town.  Food and medicine are two categories that have seen the least amount of smartphone usage (researching) for coupons and discounts.

But these categories won’t be left alone for long.  In fact, “Catalina, the company that powers loyalty programs for 30,000 stores nationwide (including those coupons at checkout), acquired mobile commerce company Modiv Mobile.”  Modiv, now Catalina Mobile’s app will work like this:  “A shopper walks into the store, opens the store-branded app and receives offers based on their shopping history. To skip the line at checkout, shoppers can scan barcodes of items they put into the cart to buy the haul right on the phone. Catalina says the app will be available in 200 more Stop & Shops this summer.”  The company knows that people are not going to scan a box of Cheerios and run across town if it’s a few cents or a dollar cheaper elsewhere, what people will do though is redeem food coupons through the app and either print them at home, or sync and load them onto their supermarket loyalty cards.

Additionally, a new app that has hit the market is SnipSnap.  This app simplifies the couponing process by allowing users to snap pictures of all of your coupons, save them to your iPhone and redeem them from your device, without having to carry around all those bits of paper.  The app also provides you with in-store reminders for when to use your coupons, expiration date alerts, uses for your “any” coupons and the ability to share with friends.

For more information on both products, check out the articles, here and here

Punchcard: Mobile Loyalty Card

Punchcard is a digital version of paper loyalty cards, which have been less popular over the years due to the easy ability for people to take advantage of the cards.  The Punchcard app allows customers to take photos of their receipts in order to get their loyalty “points,” which then equates to cash payouts or other rewards directly from the merchants.  Though this app is not the only one on the market, their marketing is a bit different.  They’ve “turned on” loyalty programs for millions of locations across the US, even if the merchant hasn’t requested it.  The company believes that this seeding technique will build their business faster than their competitors (Facebook just acquired loyalty play Tagtile, Google acquired PunchdPerka and Perkville).

Currently the app works at 15 million locations in the US.  As users snap photos of their receipts and input them into the Punchcard system, they earn cash, freebies and rewards (usually on the 10th purchase).  The company currently offers two tiers of service “(one for $29/month, another for $99/month), which provides businesses with access to an analytics view into who their customers are, and an automated re-marketing program that pushes offers back to customers to incent them to buy again. The solution works best for retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other local businesses that want to increase the frequency of their customers’ purchases.”  The company boasts “huge conversion rates” from the app download to usage and repeat usage.

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Unusual Ad Placement: Creative or Intrusive?

There are very few places that are “off limits” to marketers these days.  It’s no secret that consumers are overloaded with brand messaging everywhere they turn, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new, creative ways to get people’s attention.  Here are a few new and unusual ad placements from around the world, our question is creative or intrusive?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download?

  • Bowling Balls – A horror-themed TV channel in Germany, placed photos of decapitated heads on bowling balls in public bowling alleys.
  • Metro Ceiling – Panorama Hair is making those with thinning hair a bit more conscious of that fact with their branded mirrors on the metro’s ceiling.  Embarrassed enough to go try their product?
  • Bike Wheels – Flashy LED bicycle spokes helped promote the superhero movie Green Lantern in Brazil.
  • Your House – An agency in California will help you pay your mortgage by putting billboards on your house.  While this might not be an option for those of us who live in a place with HOAs, it’s a new idea that I’m not sure your neighbors will be extremely happy with.
  • Your Thigh – Don’t you hate those chairs that leave an imprint in the back of your legs? Well, a New Zealand agency has found a way to make these imprints work for their customers, by enabling marketers to put their logo or message in the wiring, which will then make its way onto the customers body.

For more about these ideas, as well as the agencies who came up with them, visit:

Lessons From Chipotle: Remaining Loyal To Low Marketing Budget

Chipotle is somewhat of an enigma.  How does a now household restaurant chain name with more than 1,200 stores, 1.7 million social media fans create so much buzz without an onslaught of traditional marketing?

It’s something that Chipotle prides itself on, keeping loyal to its simple goal of “changing the way people think about their food,” while not spending millions on traditional advertising and channeling their energy and resources into grassroots initiatives.  Here is a sneak peek into Chipotle’s social media efforts, with a few highlights from Mashable’s interview with Chipotle’s New Media Manager, Joe Stupp:

  1. One-on-One Conversation – Chipotle is very loyal to its one-on-one engagement model for its social media platforms, in fact the company responds to 83% of its Facebook posts and about 90% of its Twitter activity.  The 3-person response team makes it a point to get to know their customers, by having genuine conversations with them and not simply chasing metrics.
  2. Creative Content – The company does not like producing boring content, so if you are looking for dry press releases, you may be out of luck.  The company made a bit of a splash during the Grammy Awards when they launched their first (and only) tv ad, an animated film called “Back to the Start,” which reinforces the company’s core philosophy of getting people to think about where their food comes from.  Additionally, the company launched a YouTube video “Abandoned,” in which they “spotlight on the impact of industrialization on family farms and, again, initiated public conversation on a relevant issue.”  Keeping content creative is a key to engaging with their community.
  3. Community-Driven Initiatives – Chipotle is very passionate about creating tangible online and offline promotions that “reinforce its commitment to supporting family farmers and educating people about food.”  This is done through their Halloween “Boo-rito” contest and subsequently the newest dress up as a family farm animal and you can buy a burrito for $2, where the $2 actually goes towards FarmAid.  Also through the new Chipotle Cultivate Music Festival in Chicago, where food, farmers, chefs and musicians are all together to feature responsibly-grown dishes and educational opportunities about sustainable farming and treatment of animals.  Lastly, the company recently launched “Farm Team,” which is an online initiative that rewards people for exploring the website, watching videos, taking polls and sharing their farming practice knowledge with others in their social network.  Participants are rewarded with food, t-shirts and other prizes.

So, what’s next for the company? Honestly, Stupp says more of the same.  The focus on individual conversations and community education initiatives are core to the company and will not waiver as the brand grows.

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2012 Digital Marketing Tips

There are sure to be some very exciting digital products hitting our shelves in 2012.  If 2011 was any indication of how important it is for a business to have an online strategy as well as an offline one, 2012 will only drive that point home further.  In addition to eMarketer projecting a 14.4% increase in US online ad spending, and Google claiming that video ad improve offline results, there is sure to be new and upcoming technologies that businesses should be ready for.  Here are a few 2012 Digital Marketing best practice tips from Jonathan Gardner, director of communications at ad company Vibrant Media.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  1. Own Your Voice, Don’t Share It. “Word Ownership” is a huge tactic for online branding.  Make a strategy that allows you to best use emotive and topical keywords, such as football (Super Bowl) and Valentine’s Day, and allow these Key Words to do the work for you.
  2. Resolve to Be Relevant. Consumers are in the driver’s seat more than ever, which is why as a company it is important to keep their desires, hopes and aspirations central to your marketing plan.  Additionally, consumers are becoming more spending-conscious, as opposed to price-conscious, so make sure to make a claim for your product’s value, not the price.
  3. Context is King, and Content is Queen. The best advertising campaigns will continue to be those that are dynamic, but also provide useful information, not just innovative technology.
  4. The Data is Smarter.  Are You? Click through rates do not define the success of a campaign.  The ability to dive deeper into these analytic reports to see consumer behavior will allow companies to get more mileage out of their campaigns.  Quality content is what drives results.
  5. They’ve Changed the Channel. An incredible 98% of 18- to 24-year-olds use social media.  Creating avenues to interact with consumers via social media is key.  Facebook and Twitter are definitely the top sites in this avenue, so optimizing your company’s ability to interact with consumers on these channels is key.

For more information, check out the full article:

Forget Black Friday, Check Out Cyber Monday is a website that was introduced by 3 years ago.  More than 700 companies will come together on this  site this year to showcase their Cyber Monday deals.  The website will feature hundreds of promotions (discounts, free shipping, etc.), some that are exclusive to and others that circle back to the retailer’s site.  The site will also feature a “Deal of the Hour” on both Black Friday (new this year) and Cyber Monday.

Research is showing that over 87% of retailers plan to offer a special promotion for Cyber Monday, up from 83.7% in 2008 and 72.2% in 2007.  The eHoliday Survey also shows that 53.5% of workers, or 68.8 million people, will shop for holiday gifts via their work computer.  In addition, retailers are also saying they will ramp up their online marketing of Black Friday deals.  The study found that 74.3% of retailers will market their sales via email, 62.9% via home page advertising and 54.3% through search ads.

I don’t know about you, but it’s only Wednesday and my email has been inundated with coupons, discount codes, etc.  I don’t know that I will be venturing out into the wild on Friday, but I will definitely be one of the 87% who will be shopping at work on Monday!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

For more information check out or


8 Lessons from AdAge’s Technology Conference

There were more than 300 attendees at the AdAge Creativity and Technology conference, who were treated to speeches from agency creatives, technologists, writers and heads of design.  Below are eight ideas to takeaway from the conference:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

  • Curation is key – Choice is not always healthy.  Companies need to utilize their expertise to give consumers a smaller set of options, which in turn manages expectations.  With fewer choices, consumers are less likely to feel they could have gotten a better deal if they continued to shop around.
  • Re-imagine digital as product development – Fiat’s Eco: Drive, “the web-based tool that turned data into recommendations for consumers to save money and reduce their carbon footprint,” won best in show at One Show Interactive this year because its interactive efforts grew beyond a microsite.  The website provides consumers value indefinitely, creating a product not just a brand.
  • Sit close to technologists – Technologists are now ad agencies best tool.  They should be invited to creative meetings early on in the process to accurately show what can be done in the web development arena.
  • Making technology easy, isn’t – The challenge is making the highly technical into an intuitive consumer experience.  The consumer experience is what matters at the end, not necessarily how much skill when into building the product or website.
  • Look beyond short-burn ROI – Building a brand’s personality takes time, and agencies should take the opportunity to create a platform with staying power.
  • Learn how to design data – Creatives need to become versed in how to design data that this easily understandable for consumers.
  • Content will soon be tagged to the real world – Real-time and real-world applications started as just a cool way to interact but have now turned into a staple of the technology industry and agencies need to familiarize themselves with the technology.
  • Think outside the box – With the introduction of smartphones, agencies have the potential to re-imagine what can be done for a brand.  With the ability to take pictures of barcodes from your phone, there is a whole world of possibilities that opens up.

For  the full article on the conference, go to:

You can also check out a play-by-play from the event, go to: #crcat on Twitter

Green Shopping

The holiday season is upon us and consumers will receive  more catalogs, direct mail and coupons in the next few weeks, then they do the rest of the year.  If you are into going green, check out  The website allows you to sign up for electronic catalogs instead of being inundated with paper ones.   When you visit you can enter your customer data from the address labels of the catalogs you receive and either sign up for an iCatalog or cancel the delivery altogether.

Catalog Choice is a non-profit based in Berkeley.  For more information as well as to sign up and start reducing your paper and unwanted mail, go to:


Marketers Get REAL

Diet Coke, Burger King and adidas are just a few companies that are warming up to real-time Web content.  The shift away from asynchronous communication and content delivery towards instant feedback and interaction is making news or stories that are hours’ old seem stale.

Ed Norton was interviewed as part of a Diet Coke promotion that was beamed live to Time Square billboards, as well as the Diet Coke website and banner placements on E! Online, Cosmo and Hello.  Burger King promoted a live web program featuring Nascar and BK endorser Tony Stewart proving his love of the Whopper by taking a live lie detector test.  Nike also got into the real-time marketing game with its Nike Football Facebook fan page promotion featuring Arsenal soccer star Cesc Fabregas who took over the page for an hour, answering questions, posting photos from practice and games as well as status updates.

Real-time marketing is often very cheap.  When executives or celebrities take over Facebook or Twitter pages to talk to their fans and clients, most of the cost is just their time.  That is not to say that all companies should fully commit to real-time marketing as it is still a niche market, but companies who have successful social networking pages can start there and gauge the consumer response and act accordingly.

For more information, go to: