How a Home Page tells a Brand Story.

Many in the Building Industry have candidly asked us…

What’s up the the home page?

Why do you change your home page so often and why those images? They are…well – different.

Yes they are. And here is why…

Sharing a  brand story.

The most powerful opportunity to share a brand story is a brand’s website. This is a peice of real estate that should not get stuck in a time-warp. Digital is evolving and a brand that is current evolves with it.  Add to this that images that stir your imagination establish an unconscious connection faster than any block of copy ever could. Where better to demonstrate these marketing concepts than on the home page of our own branded website?Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)?

The brand story of Roxburgh is always a story of being captivating, evocative, and soulful for our clients’ success.

Our home page changes with unexpected imagery that tells life stories that pique curiousity and emotion. As a marketing firm, we are known for great design that connects to customers. No matter the medium, relationships start when a product becomes noticably relevant to a person.

KEY POINT: Marketing at its core is about sharing our clients’ offerings in ways that:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

1. Get Noticed

2. Get Liked

3. Get Remembered

4. Get Acted Upon

And while the customer journey may start in Social, Outdoor, or Search…it will lead to your website.

Stories roll out over time and flow in the digital space.

The Roxburgh home page is telling our story and thanks to technology it changes as easily as we change. Still, there is a constant in each image that ties back to what our brand is all about. The pursuit of connection and emotion through stories.

KEY POINT: Today being nimble is being strong. Always stay consistent in messaging and ‘on brand’ to gain momentum.

The story so far for your enjoyment

Here are our home pages so far. Click the title below each home page  to learn more about the thinking behind each design. It’s the careful intention that we put into all our work that makes it get noticed – which is the first step. [slider id=”0206″]

Design as an Experience

We are happy to share “Sea Shore” – the fourth of a series for illustrating how we think about design in marketing.  Once more, we turn to one of our art directors, Jean, to learn more.

Where did you find this image?

“I took this image with my iPhone. As far as quality, it may not be that great a picture, but it captures my experience beautifully. And today people relate to the look of a picture taken on your phone. It’s more personal in a way.

This was taken at Splash in the Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach on a hot summer day. There’s a feeling of pure relaxation that the beach offers. An optimistic release.

We are so lucky to have this in California.

Why did you pick this image for

Because the beach connects everyone. And marketing is about connection.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and point of view, but they all love the beach in their own way. People go to connect with the ocean and each other in a relaxing way.

And at the end of it all, everybody has a story to tell about how wonderful their day was.

The headline “stories are the pathways to connection” is about this image and about what Roxburgh

Red Pen Version 2 Released.

If you haven’t heard of yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. They just released “Version 2” with some cool new features.

What is it?

Red Pen is a handy little collaboration and review tool that simplifies the process of creative reviews and approvals. It makes sharing, commenting, and getting updates on design projects lightning fast, and most importantly…simple.

The best part?

While there are some small limitations, you can share single files for collaboration for free. They also offer more robust project management options with their Pro packages, but for a lot of people just single files will suit their needs just fine. To get started it’s as easy as dragging and

Design. Include the Unexpected.

The holiday home page image “In the Garden” was selected as the second of a series for to share how we think about design in marketing. We asked one of our art directors, Jean about it.

Where did you find this image?

I took this one last May during the Laguna Beach garden walk. We go on it every year as it’s just so lovely and creative.

This mermaid was tucked into a far corner of a garden. I was wandering on my own when I stumbled across it. It was a surprise floating there…surrounded by flowers. I’m not sure if anyone else on the tour noticed it.

Why did you pick this image for

We picked this one for the holidays as it has a dreamy, wishful quality to it that fits the season beautifully, but it isn’t ‘the usual’.

The unexpected elements in a design can lift an experience to be something really special, delightful and noticeable.   That’s why it fits Roxburgh.  It evokes the emotion and story we want, in way that doesn’t blend in.

Design. It’s all about the Details.

The new home page image “Breakfast in Spain” was selected as the first of a series for to share how we think about design in marketing. The following is by one of our art directors, Jean.

Where did you find this image?

I took that one myself in San Sebastion, Spain. It’s on the border near France. We went there because I have this book that says if you like one place, then you’ll love another. This time it said,  if you  loved Cannes, then go to San Sebastian. We loved Cannes, so we went.

This was taken on our last day. We were in this cool cafe on the ocean. Having this great coffee  and eggs with peppers. The freshly baked bread.  And the people there are very warm. You feel at home.

 Why did you pick this image to re-launch

This image is inviting you into our world where it feels comfortable.  It feels like anyone could be sitting there, breaking bread and having a conversation. It’s informal, but not casual – notice the china? It’s spontaneous and engaging.  And that’s who Roxburgh is. 

Facebook News Feed Redesign and Why It Matters

There is always something to dislike about Facebook. The mobile experience needs serious improvement, the current news feed is convoluted and many teens no longer think it’s cool, to name a few. As Zuckerberg and company roll out their updated news feed in the coming weeks, however, it’s worth noting that the redesign takes a cue from Pinterest and Instagram (which Facebook owns). The experience will focus on larger visuals; images and links will be prominent and front and center.

Tangerine Tango


As summer comes to a close and we enter into the final months of 2012, I thought we’d check in on this year’s Pantone ‘It’ color and take a look at how it has been interpreted throughout the design world.
Tangerine Tango quickly became the darling of home, industrial and fashion designers, cropping up in everything from bookcases to eyeliner. I have been decorating with this shade of orange for a couple of years now, so it has been validating to peruse the beautiful rooms that are now incorporating elements of this color. It exudes energy and warmth, and promises to kick things up a notch no matter how you use it.

HGTV provides inspiration for every room.

Handmade and vintage finds.

Pretty dresses.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Pantone forecasts its annual color.

Get your orange on at Sephora.

Pinterest boards are hopping with ideas.

Behind the Redesigns: Coca Cola’s Juice Portfolio and

The Coca-Cola company will be bringing cohesion to its portfolio of global juice brands, beginning this month and throughout 2010.  The re branded packaging will start with Minute Maid and will expand to Del Valle, Andina and Cappy.  The company believes the cohesive packaging message will further strengthen its place in the global juice category, and will also reduce operating costs while increasing speed and efficiency of the packaging.  According to the company, this change in packaging is also “the first step in a larger business strategy that will include product and sustainability innovations, new partnerships, support for local businesses and the expansion of juice products to new markets.”

Coca-Cola must be very confident in its new design if they are attempting this rebrand so quickly after PepsiCo’s Tropicana nightmare.  For more on the new look, go to:

Richard Branson has never been one to rest on his laurels, so it comes as no surprise that when he was redesigning that the site would have a little of everything.  Not only does the new let consumers learn about the company, but it also includes real-time dialogue.  The goal of the site was two fold: lead generation and social activity.  The site hosts several modules, which are flexible and allow each company within Virgin to manage their own pages while keeping the look consistent.  The modules host the following corporate and social features:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Quick Talk — Allow users to chat with employees
  • Ask Richard — Ask Richard Branson anything you like, and the highest rated question gets answered.
  • Deals & Offers
  • News and Press Releases
  • Video
  • Photo Slide Show
  • Your Say (Recent comments)
  • Fans (of a particular Virgin company)
  • Support
  • Community Activities

For more details about how this site came to fruition, go to:

114859-MinuteMaid-new newvirgincom111109

Professional Networking 2.0 – Paperless Business Cards

Exchanging business cards is standard protocol for most businesses.  But in an increasingly web and technologically based business world, digital business cards may be the next big thing.

As of now, there are over 20 products and services that allow people to exchange versions of digital business cards.  CNN technology lists their favorite 8 applications that may work for you:

  • Recent GradDubMeNow allows users to create a digital version of your personalized business card, showing off your tech-savvy side to a potential new employer.  The site allows you to share you mobile card via text or email, while your contact information is saved into the recipient’s address book and automatically updated whenever you make a change.  The site also saves where and when you met your contact, just in case you forget.
  • Budding Entrepreneur – BusinessCard2 lets users create and online card with a very professional appearance.  The card’s skin is sleek and has 3 tabs for potential clients to get to know you and your business.  One tab allows users to list their experience, while another lists your social networks.  The site also lets you embed your business card link in emails and/or on your blog.
  • Frequent Conference Call Attendee – CloudContacts is a site that does the dirty work of logging in all the new contacts info yourself.  The site scans, transcribes and connects your business cards on social networks, email services and CRM systems.
  • Technophobe – Utilizing a easy-to-use and free WordPress theme program is the best way for technophobes to manage their online identity. Simply download the program, upload a professional picture, add career-friendly social network profiles and you have your own landing page, where you control the content and people can access your information easily.
  • Tweet-Minded – Do you love Twitter? Well, TwtBizCard, can link your Twitter profile with a free personalized online business card.  Users can instantly start tweeting with the hash tag “twtbizcard” or add #twtbizcard to an @reply.
  • iPhone Addict – Applications like Bump and BeamMe allow users to exchange digital info seamlessly with other iPhone users.  SnapDat is another program, but this is the only one where you can send a digital image of your business card.  Users can choose from more than 40 designs or you can upload your company’s logo, as well as embed links to your social networking sites.
  • Social Network King or Queen – Retaggr, helps users create a professional business card that aggregates all your online identities.  Once the Retaggr profile is set up, users can customize an interactive business card which is a central location for your personal information, while also acting as a gateway to all of your online profiles and networks.
  • Those Who Miss Tamagotchis – Poken is quite popular overseas because it is the animal-shaped darling of the digital business card.  Poken allows users to wirelessly exchange contact information and social networks with other Poken users.

For more information about these amazing services, go to:


3 Tips For Successful Print Ads

Print ads have always been an industry staple.  The strategic goal behind print ads is different for every advertisement that goes out, some are made to build an image, other are created to drive consumers to a brand’s website, but whatever the reason, marketers hope that the time, money and creativity that is spent on these ads pays off.  MRI Starch Communications recently set out to learn what makes print ads successful i.e. moves the needle in terms of sales.  The company looked at 297 magazine issues between October 2008 and April 2009.  For each product category, they analyzed the top-performing ad based on the fact that the ad drove at least 15% of readers to make purchase.  Here are some of the results:

  1. Context Matters – Many of the ads that drove their readers to make purchases were in the magazines that were of natural interest to their target audience.  Ads for America’s Milk Processors (55% purchase rate), Vaseline Clinical Therapy Body Lotion (26% purchase rate) and Lipitor (18%) are all wellness and healing products, and were all placed in Health Magazine.  The male-dominated reader like Maxim magazine’s demographic saw ads for Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and 21% of the audience tuned in as a result of that ad.  So, it is very important for advertisers to do their research and know their target audience.  Once this information is known, you can strategically place your print ads so they will be seen by the people most apt to purchase your product.
  2. Price May Matter – Research shows that none of the top print advertisements featured expensive products like automobiles, vacations or home appliances.  Because of the amount of time and research that goes into larger purchases, a single advertisement is less likely to motivate a consumer to go out and purchase high ticket items.
  3. Brand Perception Matters – MRI not only analyzed the ads, but they also asked their readers what they thought about the specific brands that were advertised.  Research shows that if a reader is favorably disposed to the brand, there is a greater chance that they will purchased the product or service being advertised.  Four of the nine categories had 90% of readers who were favorably disposed to the brand who had the highest conversion rate.

The MRI research presented isn’t necessarily anything that those of us in the industry didn’t already know.  But it does reinforce the fact that it is our responsibility as the marketer to do our due diligence in getting to know our target consumer, placing advertisments where they will see them and making sure we are a brand they can connect with and have a favorable response to.

For the full article, go to: