How a Home Page tells a Brand Story.

Many in the Building Industry have candidly asked us…

What’s up the the home page?

Why do you change your home page so often and why those images? They are…well – different.

Yes they are. And here is why…

Sharing a  brand story.

The most powerful opportunity to share a brand story is a brand’s website. This is a peice of real estate that should not get stuck in a time-warp. Digital is evolving and a brand that is current evolves with it.  Add to this that images that stir your imagination establish an unconscious connection faster than any block of copy ever could. Where better to demonstrate these marketing concepts than on the home page of our own branded website?Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)?

The brand story of Roxburgh is always a story of being captivating, evocative, and soulful for our clients’ success.

Our home page changes with unexpected imagery that tells life stories that pique curiousity and emotion. As a marketing firm, we are known for great design that connects to customers. No matter the medium, relationships start when a product becomes noticably relevant to a person.

KEY POINT: Marketing at its core is about sharing our clients’ offerings in ways that:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

1. Get Noticed

2. Get Liked

3. Get Remembered

4. Get Acted Upon

And while the customer journey may start in Social, Outdoor, or Search…it will lead to your website.

Stories roll out over time and flow in the digital space.

The Roxburgh home page is telling our story and thanks to technology it changes as easily as we change. Still, there is a constant in each image that ties back to what our brand is all about. The pursuit of connection and emotion through stories.

KEY POINT: Today being nimble is being strong. Always stay consistent in messaging and ‘on brand’ to gain momentum.

The story so far for your enjoyment

Here are our home pages so far. Click the title below each home page  to learn more about the thinking behind each design. It’s the careful intention that we put into all our work that makes it get noticed – which is the first step. [slider id=”0206″]

Design as an Experience

We are happy to share “Sea Shore” – the fourth of a series for illustrating how we think about design in marketing.  Once more, we turn to one of our art directors, Jean, to learn more.

Where did you find this image?

“I took this image with my iPhone. As far as quality, it may not be that great a picture, but it captures my experience beautifully. And today people relate to the look of a picture taken on your phone. It’s more personal in a way.

This was taken at Splash in the Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach on a hot summer day. There’s a feeling of pure relaxation that the beach offers. An optimistic release.

We are so lucky to have this in California.

Why did you pick this image for

Because the beach connects everyone. And marketing is about connection.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and point of view, but they all love the beach in their own way. People go to connect with the ocean and each other in a relaxing way.

And at the end of it all, everybody has a story to tell about how wonderful their day was.

The headline “stories are the pathways to connection” is about this image and about what Roxburgh

Red Pen Version 2 Released.

If you haven’t heard of yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. They just released “Version 2” with some cool new features.

What is it?

Red Pen is a handy little collaboration and review tool that simplifies the process of creative reviews and approvals. It makes sharing, commenting, and getting updates on design projects lightning fast, and most importantly…simple.

The best part?

While there are some small limitations, you can share single files for collaboration for free. They also offer more robust project management options with their Pro packages, but for a lot of people just single files will suit their needs just fine. To get started it’s as easy as dragging and

Storytelling and Technology

The art of storytelling has remained unchanged. And for the most part, the stories are recycled.

But the way that humans tell the stories has always evolved with pure, consistent novelty.  – Joe Sabia

TAKEAWAY:  Marketing begins with a genuine story that tugs at the heart and sparks the imagination.  Where and how we tell that story is more expansive than ever before in history, but it still all starts with the story.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


Valentine’s Day

The National Retail Federation predicts that Valentine’s Day spending will top $18.6 billion this year, so naturally businesses want to cash in on this holiday with which so many have a love/hate relationship. While the jury’s still out on how much advertisers will spend in total, it will be a hefty sum, especially after factoring in social media campaigns.

Here are a few Valentine-related links that have caught my attention:

I am intrigued by a few of these vintage Valentine’s Day print ads and posters.

Ads of the World provides a fun ‘best of’ compilation.

App developers also want their piece of the holiday revenue pie.

I am obsessed with candy hearts. Learn more about their history here.

And for those who prefer social media as a vehicle to express your love and affection, take note: only 1.7% of people think it is the most romantic way to say ‘I love you.’

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Favorite Holiday Commercials

‘Tis that time of year again when companies that can still afford it run their holiday television commercials.

From cereal and coffee to technology and beer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. There are a couple of classics – think Folgers – as well as some newer commercials, and some are just fun. One is not a holiday commercial at all, however you’ll soon get why we included it.

Happy watching. What are your favorite holiday commercials?

Cheerios ‘Grandma’s Visit’
Remember this one?

Holiday Hershey’s Kisses
So simple, but so fun.

Crazy Target Lady
Comedian Maria Bamford nails it as the insane holiday shopper.

Folgers ‘Peter Comes Home for Christmas’

Nabisco Oreo Cookie ‘Waiting for Santa’
Another 80s classic.

Apple ‘Get a Mac’ Happy Holidays
Mac and PC go for some goodwill during the holidays.

Corona Extra ‘Oh Tannenpalm’
Christmas Corona style. Love.

Staples ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’
It’s not a holiday commercial at all, but the play on the popular Andy Williams song in their back-to-school campaign is just too good not to include.

Following the Election Ad Money

With election day less than two weeks away, advertising is at a fever pitch. To my friends who live in swing states, it’s time to bust out the TiVo, because you will need it if you are not interested in watching a barrage of political television ads.

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns, super PACs and party affiliates have each raised nearly one billion dollars this election. Think about that for a second. One billion dollars, and that does not include independent outside groups that support each candidate. Putting opinions on campaign finance reform and the Citizens United decision aside, that is a load of cash, and a huge percentage of it is being spent on advertising.

Most of the ad spends have been on television, which is not surprising, as television has long been the darling of political advertising budgets. Political campaigns and supporters favor this machine gun approach, however targeted online advertising has increased during this election cycle, too. Interestingly, several smaller media outlets are refusing to run political ads as part of a pricing dispute with ad exchanges.

We can’t talk about political outreach without talking about social media advertising. Social platforms certainly help spread the campaigns’ talking points and policy positions, however a recent UC Berkeley study indicates that social media advertising, particularly Facebook, has so far proven to be an ineffective medium to persuade someone to vote for a particular candidate. Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Without a doubt, the next week and a half is sure to be a wild ride from a marketing outreach and advertising perspective. Time to bring out the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Tangerine Tango


As summer comes to a close and we enter into the final months of 2012, I thought we’d check in on this year’s Pantone ‘It’ color and take a look at how it has been interpreted throughout the design world.
Tangerine Tango quickly became the darling of home, industrial and fashion designers, cropping up in everything from bookcases to eyeliner. I have been decorating with this shade of orange for a couple of years now, so it has been validating to peruse the beautiful rooms that are now incorporating elements of this color. It exudes energy and warmth, and promises to kick things up a notch no matter how you use it.

HGTV provides inspiration for every room.

Handmade and vintage finds.

Pretty dresses.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Pantone forecasts its annual color.

Get your orange on at Sephora.

Pinterest boards are hopping with ideas.

Polka Dots

From Studio M.M.E.

From Studio M.M.E.

Polka dots have been on the runways, in the magazines and throughout the fashion blogosphere for months now. Is this once popular trend here to stay for a while? Fashion is fickle so who really knows, but it sure is fun to see them cropping up in residential design, commercial spaces and lifestyle products.

Playful and fun, polka dots can really punch up an otherwise staid space in unexpected ways.

What past trends would you like to see back in popular demand? What trends have outlasted their welcome?

Mountain House YouTube Video Campaign

We are happy to be working with the team behind Mountain House, a master-planned community east of Livermore, California that’s as special as the people who call it home. The best way to learn what it’s like living there is to experience it firsthand, but we wanted to help tell the story of Mountain House before potential buyers decided to visit.

Two YouTube video campaigns were created to share the narrative with as many people as possible. For the first, it was discovered that the early residents of Mountain House consider themselves to be pioneers and are bonded together in the shared experiences of living in this unique community. Called “Mountain House Moments,” the video series captures residents recalling memories and experiences that have made Mountain House home.

The second campaign, “Voices of Mountain House,” includes several videos that provide a kind of behind-the-scenes look at how various teams and entities have come together to execute the shared vision for the community. Key stakeholders such as new buyers, longtime residents, educators, builders and the developer talk about the thought and strategy behind Mountain House, from community planning, home design, education and access to nature and open spaces.

Check out a Voices of Mountain House video below. View more videos on the Mountain House YouTube channel HERE.