The Internet has created this global network where people everywhere can share information.  There are so many positives that have come out of having so much information and knowledge at your fingertips.  But, what we all sometimes forget is to check our sources, do the due diligence of backing up our claims, and making sure if we are regurgitating information that we know it’s right.

The world is going to remember to do all of their research after a Dublin University student experiment.  Shane Fitzgerald posted a phony quote on Maurice Jarre’s, a French Composer, Wikipedia page.  This quote was put up onto U.S. blogs, as well as Web sites in Britain, Australia and India even though the quote was twice removed from Wikipedia by the site for lack of attribution.

After a month of the quote making it’s rounds as a legitimate Jarre quote, Fitzgerald decided to tell the media outlets that they had been duped and that the quote they were referencing was completely fabricated.

Fitzgerald believes that had he not come forward, the quote could have easily gone down in history as something Jarre had said.

The lesson from all of this: do your research.  If you are a student, business person or even blogger, make sure you know where your quotes are coming from and if they are legitimate before you put them out onto the Internet.

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